Whole Life Consulting

Thomson Bethune always recommends a Whole Life Costing approach is taken on the analysis of material selection and design. The move towards sustainability and the extended life cycle of buildings and mixed use developments has meant that a Capital Cost only approach is no longer sufficient and Thomson Bethune fully embraces the use of a Whole Life Cost Model for analysis on projects. The analysis used to examine the whole life cost of alternative materials and methods of construction will provide comparable costs of alternative energy use and Co2 reduction measures available. Thomson Bethune has adopted Whole Life Costing techniques in successfully compiling BREEAM assessments on many projects as well as in advising tendering PPP companies on maintenance costs of specification included within their bids.

Our Integrated Whole Life Cost system has also been fundamental in developing risk based approaches for asset rich organisations where maintenance budgetary decisions are prioritised on a risk management basis. Developing a whole life costing system into a maintenance management system enables you to manage the ongoing maintenance requirements of large complex sites containing many and varied physical assets.

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