Value Management

Our Senior Management Team are experts in Value Management and have trained with the Society of American Value Engineers. Through our experience and joint venture with Professors Steve Male and John Kelly, Thomson Bethune has delivered a wide variety of over 350 Value Management studies on a wide variety of projects.

Our value management team are experts in their fields and have positioned Thomson Bethune as a National leader in Value Management providing up to 5 expert Facilitators at any one time. We have been involved in the Value Management benchmarking report for the European Community and have worked on projects for London Underground and Network Rail including the £560m Thameslink Project.

Covering more than construction Value Management is an organised, structured and systematic approach to the identification and elimination of unnecessary cost which provides neither use, life, quality, appearance or customer features. Value Management is a proactive, innovative and problem solving management tool structured and delivered through facilitated workshops to multi disciplinary teams.

The workshops will cover:

  • Analyse time, cost and quality
  • Determine the main function of the Project through an examination of the client’s value criteria
  • Identify any alternative Options
  • Review current option and alternatives
  • Identify Risks
  • Encourage team working and reporting
  • Produce final report and recommendations

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