Capital Allowances and Vat Consultancy

As part of Thomson Bethune‚Äôs growth strategy we have developed strong links with a wide network of consultants across the UK whom which we can form professional teams tailored to the needs of your project; as part of this strategy we have joined up with an independent Accountancy firm, French Duncan, who specialise in Property and Construction taxation to offer a full suite of advice.

Capital Allowances are a valuable tax relief on qualifying expenditure on buildings, plant and machinery used in the course of trade and is available to all taxpayers, to be offset against taxable profits. Thomson Bethune along with their partners will not only take the headache out of the tax process but will also help you identify your entitlement on your assets, relieve your tax compliance burden and overall help you take positive action to put you in control of the process.

We will also look at how businesses can reduce their overall environmental impact and become more sustainable while identifying their tax entitlement under Enhanced Capital Allowances, where businesses can claim 100% first-year capital allowances on their spending on qualifying sustainable plant and machinery, regardless of whether the company has any tax liabilities.

This comes under three schemes;

  • Energy-saving plant and machinery
  • Low carbon dioxide emission vehicles and natural gas and hydrogen refuelling infrastructure
  • Water conservation plant and machinery

Enhanced Capital Allowances can currently be claimed whether a business is in profit or not, effectively becoming a cash payment.

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