Arts & Leisure Sector

The Leisure sector brings many challenges in today’s Market with the move towards consolidation and specialisation with many clients undertaking significant expenditure on the conversion and re-branding of their portfolios. This combined with planning laws, sustainability in leisure construction, Government legislation and the increasing use of modern methods such as lean construction, supply chain management and pre-fabrication of buildings presents many obstacles and also many opportunities. Despite these challenges Thomson Bethune continues to provide consultancy over a variety of different Leisure projects across the UK from wide scale Multimillion pound developments to conversions and refurbishments of medium sized leisure complexes.

An appreciation of trends across a wide range of sports, leisure and entertainment venues, combined with an understanding of the required design and technologies, allows us to work effectively with our Clients providing the best solutions suited to their needs and greater value for money. Thomson Bethune has been involved in all areas of the leisure sector from Capital Allowances, Value Management, Consultancy, CDM Coordination, through to Cost and Project Management.